About Us Mom & Dad Nursing Home

Mom & Dad Nursing Home is committed to providing seniors with quality care with excellent in home caregiver.  Our dedicated team members includedoctors, nurses, therapists, and other skilled caregivers who share passion for treating everyone like family while elevating our standards.You can rest assured that your loved ones live in a safeand friendly environment surrounded by a beautiful outdoor garden in the heart of Bangkok.

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Our Service

Our facilities include a living room, kitchen, dining hall, activity/game room, garden, and physical therapy center.  We are committed to retaining a strong staff of compassionate, caring, and professional individuals who will provide consistent aid to your parents.

Whether your loved ones are self-sufficient, need a little help, or require full-time care, we can meet their needs.

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Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy Center Mom & Dad Nursing Home use a variety of techniques to restore movement and reduce pain. They can help if you’re dealing with a sports injury, recovering from surgery or an accident.

Mom & Dad Nursing Home, all of our have the same goal: To return each and every patient to the highest level of function and quality of life possible.

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